Lost in Vagueness


FATBOY SLIM “I thought Glastonbury was out there, and then when I saw this was even more out there”

ROY GURVITZ (Lost Vagueness founder)“I just started telling people we need to get more creative if we want this to continue”

MICHEAEL EAVIS “I knew he (Roy) was a winner, you see. I was supporting him right from the word go. This Lost Vagueness thing was really good”

EMILY EAVIS “He bought this incredible element to the festival…which was Lost Vagueness and all the tribes that were involved in it”

SUGGS “…you felt something about the people organising it. They had a strong idea of what they were trying to create”

KEITH ALLEN “I think I married someone in Lost Vagueness…as a pantomime house"

LEILA JONES (Lost Vagueness Producer) “…when you talk about your life you can say I once did this ridiculous thing"